Cultural Resource Consultants, LLC

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Providing heritage services throughout the Pacific Northwest

Cultural Resource Consultants, LLC (CRC) is a Washington State certified woman-owned small business offering a wide range of professional and technical services related to the identification, evaluation, and management of heritage resources. Established in January 2001 and based in Seattle, CRC capabilities include cultural resources sensitivity evaluation; literature searches; cultural resources surveys to locate, identify, and evaluate archaeological and historic sites and built environment; data recovery and mitigation excavations; historic context studies; geomorphological/geoarchaeological investigations; National Register of Historic Places Nominations, and HABS/HAER recordation. CRC prepares technical reports, regulatory documents for state and federal compliance (including SEPA, NEPA, and Section 106 of the NHPA), cultural resources mitigation plans, Memoranda of Agreements, permit documentation, and cultural resources inventory forms. CRC professional staff exceed the Secretary of Interior Standards for their discipline of expertise and have experience throughout the Pacific Northwest. A CRC hallmark has been developing pragmatic project solutions that address the spirit and letter of cultural resource regulations.