Henderson Loop West

SEPA | Richland, Benton County, Washington

The City of Richland requested a cultural resources assessment prior to ground disturbing activities associated with proposed construction of two new roads, Henderson Loop West and Sullivan Road, from Logston Blvd to Robertson Drive . This assessment was developed to identify any previously recorded archaeological or historic sites in the project location and to evaluate the potential for the project to affect cultural resources. CRC's methods included background research, tribal communication, and field investigations. Background research conducted by CRC identified one archaeological site, the Richland Irrigation Ditch, as located partially within the project boundary. This site was previously determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Field investigations revealed that the segment of this site recorded within the project had been removed and it was observed that the proposed project would not cause any further impacts to this site. Field investigations did not identify any previously unrecorded cultural resources in the project location. An inadvertent discovery protocol was provided to the client in the event cultural resources were unexpectedly identified during construction.