Recovery of Ancestral Remains at the Point No Point Park

Emergency Excavation Permit & Recovery of Human Remains | Hansville, Kitsap County, WA

CRC conducted the recovery of human remains inadvertently discovered during construction for the County parking lot at Point No Point Park. Following consultation with affected tribes and agencies, CRC received an archaeological excavation permit to recover human remains and associated artifacts from the area disturbed by construction for repatriation. Recovery efforts also discovered a precontact feature, which provided a lower limiting date for the age of the human remains. Excavations recovered historic debris and faunal remains, both likely associated with early domestic activity at Point No Point. The project was redesigned to exclude the archaeological site. Recovered human remains were repatriated to the affected tribes and reburied with historic debris and faunal remains. This project presented multiple challenges, including obtaining an emergency excavation permit, coordinating with several tribal communities, working on a culturally sensitive project in a very public location, and training tribal technicians in excavation and recovery procedures.