Archaeological Monitoring for the Wells Hydroelectric Project

FERC Licensing | Lake Pateros, Douglas and Okanogan County, WA

CRC provided archaeological monitoring services in 2015 and 2018 as a component of their On-call agreement with Douglas PUD for cultural resources within the Wells Reservoir.

In 2015, CRC completed low water monitoring of 25 sites and conducted a pedestrian survey in areas normally inundated by the Wells Reservoir during a scheduled low water event. Monitoring sought to document site conditions and provide future management recommendations, while survey sought to identify as-yet unrecorded archaeology. Field investigations revealed that several site locations revisited were incorrectly mapped or inundated; observed artifacts were sparse, non-diagnostic, and located within beach lag deposits; or, the archaeology originally recorded was no longer extant. Pedestrian surface survey resulted in the identification and recordation of three precontact lithic isolates within the fluctuation zone of the Columbia River. In 2018, CRC completed archaeological monitoring of 41 sites during a low water event of to provide a summary of the conditions observed during monitoring as well as recommendations that may help minimize adverse effects to the visited sites. CRC made recommendations regarding when archaeological sites be monitored, verifying site locations, and presented mitigation measures. CRC prepared monitoring reports and updated archaeological site forms. It was recommended that the Cultural Resources Working Group discuss the proposed plan of action for these sites based on monitoring observations.