Representative Projects

Since 2001, CRC has successfully completed hundreds of small and multi-phased projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through our extensive regional experience, we have developed and maintained our industry reputation for excellence and value. CRC has conducted a wide variety of projects including:

-Environmental restoration/remediation projects;

-Timber harvesting and mining;

-Parks, trails and other recreation developments;

-Transportation projects, including roadways, bridges, airport, and ferry facilities;

-Infrastructure projects, such as water and sewer lines, and utility transmission lines;

-Hydroelectric facilities; and

-Land development projects.

CRC has documented and evaluated a full range of cultural resource sites in rural, suburban, and urban Washington environments. In the course of our projects, we regularly work with tribal communities to ensure that cultural concerns are included in project assessments and evaluations. The kinds of sites we have worked with recently include:

-Precontact and Historic archaeological sites;

-Dams and irrigation features;

-Bridges and trestles;

-Rail lines, trails, and roadways;



-Public buildings;

-Industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings; and

-World War II and Cold War era structures.

Visit our projects pages to see a recent sample of completed project around Washington State.