CRC Team

Margaret Berger

Principal Investigator, MA/RPA

Margaret has been a professional archaeologist in Washington State since 2006. She earned her MA from the University of Washington in 2004 and worked as a Cultural Resources Intern for WSDOT prior to joining CRC. Over the past decade, Margaret has completed over 350 CRM overviews, surveys, and testing projects for private, and public local, state, and federal agencies. Components of these projects included federal, state, and tribal consultation; state and federal compliance (SEPA, NEPA, and Section 106 of the NHPA); geomorphological analysis; field investigation; GIS mapping; analysis and documentation of precontact and historic sites, and historic structures; laboratory analysis; and preparation of technical reports. Margaret’s project experience and working relationships with various agencies and local tribes demonstrates her competence and commitment in the field of CRM.

Sonja Kleinschmidt

Projects Manager, MS/RPA

Sonja began her career as a project archaeologist in 2011 and has professional experience in western and central Washington. Sonja has completed over 200 CRM overviews, assessments, and monitoring plans for private firms, and local, state, and federal agencies. Her background in cultural and environmental compliance demonstrates her abilities to successfully conduct client coordination; background research for projects potential to contain cultural resources through an examination of land use history based on the cultural and environmental factors; field investigations; laboratory analysis; and technical report writing, all commensurate to the project scope and budget. Sonja is familiar with federal and state regulations for completing compliance documents with EO 0505, SEPA and NEPA, as well as Section 106 of the NHPA.

Nicole Clennon

Project Archaeologist, MA/RPA

Nicole completed her MA from the University of Montana as well as doctoral course work. Nicole began her career in archaeology in 2006 with the U.S. Forest Service. Since joining CRC in late 2017, she has completed dozens of projects for private firms and local, state, and federal agencies primarily in the Central Washington region. These projects have been completed in response to archaeological monitoring, transportation, stormwater, shoreline, transmission line, agricultural, and recreational improvements. These assessments have been successfully submitted to DAHP and have been completed on time and within scope and budget. Nicole is CRC's Chelan County based archaeologist.

Ian Kretzler

Project Archaeologist, PhD/RPA

Ian has worked on archaeological research and historic preservation projects in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He received a MA and PhD in anthropology from the University of Washington. His graduate training focused on collaborative and indigenous archaeologies, which offer strategies for incorporating the perspectives of tribes, the general public, and other stakeholders into cultural heritage documentation and protection. Since joining CRC in 2019, Ian has conducted background research, field surveys, and technical writing for a variety of projects around Puget Sound.

Erik Anderson

Project Archaeologist, MA

Erik has 20+ years of experience in CRM and exceeds the Secretary of Interior Standards for Archaeology. He has worked in CRM since 1999, originally in visual data display including cartography, digital field and laboratory photography. He has recently completed a Certificate Program in GIS from the University of Washington. Erik has experience in Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey documentation and DAHP Level I and II mitigation documentation projects in Washington State and equivalent documentation of historic buildings and structures in Oregon and Idaho. Erik has nearly two decades of experience in digital graphics and cartography as well as extensive experience in digital photo editing. Erik also volunteers his GIS, photographic and research skills to record abandoned historic cemeteries in the Pacific Northwest, sharing information with both the King County Cultural Resources Office and DAHP.

Jessica Gardner

Field Archaeologist, BA

Jessica completed her BA in Anthropology from WWU and worked in serval states around the U.S. before working solely in the Pacific Northwest in 2014. In 2015, she join CRC and has completed fieldwork, co-authored, and authored over 50 projects. Her work has focused in western and central Washington with project contributions including: field survey and monitoring; geomorphic analysis; research concerning cultural and historic documentation; laboratory analysis; technical writing; and historic property documentation. Jessica is CRC's Whatcom County based archaeologist.

Jim McNett


Jim is a registered architect of more than thirty years and is an historic preservationist with a diverse, architectural background. His past work includes residential, office, hospitality, landscape, education and urban design projects. Jim strives to integrate the disciplines of architecture, preservation and landscape in projects so the resulting designs benefit current users and the community while paying heed to local history and architectural context. Jim has worked on numerous projects inventorying buildings and structures and mitigation projects in compliance with Section 106 of the NHPA. He was the Historic Architect for the Murray Morgan Bridge Mitigation Plan prepared prior to its rehabilitation and has experience documenting resources to DAHP's standards for mitigation. He now brings his expertise to the Bainbridge design review board.

Glenn Hartmann


Glenn has a 30+ year career of providing cultural resources services throughout the Pacific Northwest in the public and private sectors, as an agency archaeologist and consultant on numerous CRM overviews, surveys, testing and data recovery projects. He received his graduate training at Washington State University where he completed his MA and doctoral coursework in anthropology. Glenn has extensive regional experience in working with state historic preservation offices and tribes, as well as with state, local and federal agencies, including on-call cultural resources investigations for transportation, environmental, and public works agencies.

Teresa Peterson

Office Manager