Pear Point Road Stormwater Outfall Project

Archaeological Monitoring Permit | Friday Harbor, San Juan County, WA

On behalf of SanJuan County Public Works, CRC conducted archaeological monitoring for the Pear Point Road Stormwater Outfall Project in Friday Harbor, San Juan County, Washington. In October 2017, CRC prepared an archaeological permit for the project to be approved by DAHP, area tribes, and involved agencies. The permit included provisions for archaeological monitoring by CRC of potentially ground disturbing activities above and adjacent to a precontact shell midden. CRC completed archaeological monitoring efforts in November 2017 and July 2018 following the approved permit. The project did not disturb site the archaeological site, nor were any previously unrecorded archaeological materials or deposits encountered. CRC submitted a technical report containing daily archaeological monitoring logs and a summary of the findings to DAHP and the project was successfully completed and permit closed.