East Wenatchee Urban Growth Area North End Master Site Plan EIS

SEPA | East Wenatchee, Douglas County, WA

The project involved potential development of approximately 283 acres within East Wenatchee’s northern Urban Growth Area. CRC’s cultural resources discipline report included review of pertinent cultural and environmental background information, and available project plans and related information; and field reconnaissance survey of the study area including pedestrian survey and subsurface testing. Local Tribes were consulted on a government-to-government and a technical staff-to-technical staff basis. Three previously recorded precontact archaeological sites were located in the western portion of the study area but outside the area proposed for development. Three previously recorded historic structures were present, one of which, the Wenatchee Reclamation Canal, was previously determined eligible for the NRHP. No development actions were proposed that would physically affect the NRHP eligible resource.

CRC’s field investigations identified an archaeological isolate, which was documented following DAHP protocol. Nine structures over 50 years in age were also present within the EIS area and identified through a review of Douglas County Assessor data. It was recommended these be inventoried and formally evaluated for historical significance prior to specific development actions under the proposal. It was recommended that cultural resources surveys be conducted for any specific development actions under the proposal. Mitigation measures were developed in conjunction with the Port of Douglas County and local Tribes to avoid and minimize significant impacts to recorded and as-yet unrecorded cultural resources. These measures included an unanticipated discovery protocol.